Alberta joining national securities regulator likely only a matter of time, Crowley tells the Post

Brian Lee CrowleySpeculation is growing about whether Alberta’s newly-elected NDP government will join a single national body that would adopt common securities regulation principles across Canada.

But Macdonald-Laurier Institute Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley, in speaking to the National Post about the issue, says the province’s new government is going to join sooner rather than later.

“Ultimately, they’ll have to make a decision on this, and if I look at the decisions the government has made so far, they have —generally speaking — said ‘Alberta has been too much unlike the rest of the country and we’re going to make it more like the rest of the country’”, Crowley said.

He believes that the NDP, which won election in May 2015, has simply had too much else on its plate so far to develop a coherent policy on the issue.

Eventually, though, he believes the NDP’s win will mark the beginning of the end to Alberta’s long-held opposition to a national securities regulator.

“I think we will get probably everybody but Quebec in due course”, he said.

The federal government has long been in favour of replacing the patchwork of securities regulators – one for each province and territory – with a voluntary one.

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