Bill C-51 a good balance of freedom and security, Leuprecht says in Globe debate

Christian Leuprecht

Macdonald-Laurier Institute author Christian Leuprecht defended the government’s new anti-Christian Leuprechtterrorism legislation, Bill C-51, in a debate held on the Globe and Mail’s website this week.

The provisions of C-51 are not as extreme as some critics make them out to be, he says. He points out that many countries that have suffered from violent extremism, such as the United Kingdom, Spain and France, already have similar provisions in place.

“Canada needs to grow up and benefit from their experience in understanding that freedom and security can be reconciled”, Leuprecht writes.

Leuprecht argues that expanded powers for CSIS, increased information sharing within government and new measures of detention.

Opposing him in the debate are University of Ottawa professor Craig Forcese and the University of Toronto’s Kent Roach.

Leuprecht also spoke with several news outlets when the legislation was unveiled earlier this year.