In Conversation: Two of Canada’s Top Political Thinkers Talk Democracy

About this Event

Join us as Cormorant Books Inc. hosts Jonathan Manthorpe and Dr. Brian Crowley as they discuss with Marc Côté, publisher of Cormorant Books Inc., their latest books and the future of Canadian democracy.

From the author of the Globe and Mail bestseller, Claws of the Panda, comes a book quite literally for our times. Restoring Democracy in an Age of Populists and Pestilence is a thoughtful account of how we can save democracies from the despots and populists who provide the easy answers to complicated situations, dumbing political discourse down to sandbox antics. Jonathan Manthorpe argues that democracy is more resilient than it appears, and is capable of overcoming the attacks from within and without that have sapped its vigour since the end of the Cold War. Restoring Democracy sets out the key dangers and what we — as individuals as well as societies — can do to protect it.

Brian Lee Crowley, one of Canada’s most original political thinkers, has produced a stunning road map for how we can steer Canada into a brighter political future in Gardeners vs. Designers: Understanding the Great Fault Line in Canadian Politics. He claims that we can divide political culture into two categories: designers and gardeners. Crowley argues that we need fewer designers making top-down pronouncements, and more gardeners who are willing to work from the bottom up, cultivating instead of engineering. We should all aspire to be gardeners: planting, growing, appreciating the results, and building something that will thrive in the ideal political, social, and cultural soil.

As we enter into the next era of politics, Manthorpe and Crowley discuss how Canada should champion and safeguard democracy.

Event Details

  • Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm ET
  • Date: Thursday, November 12, 2020
  • Location: This is an online event.


  • Jonathan Manthorpe, author of the Globe and Mail bestseller, Claws of the Panda
  • Dr. Brian Lee Crowley, MLI Managing Director and author of Gardeners vs. Designers Understanding the Great Fault Line in Canadian Politics


  • Marc Côté, publisher of Cormorant Books Inc.


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