MAiD: How far dare we go on medical assistance in dying?

An emotional and divisive debate is playing out before the Canadian Senate as Senators consider amendments to bill C-7, potentially expanding Canada’s physician assisted suicide legislation to those with disabilities and mental illness. All Canadians sympathise deeply with the suffering of severely ill patients. But are we rushing too fast? Do we have a proper understanding of how MAiD is being applied, and what the impacts are on patients, families, physicians and Canadian society?

To discuss this topic, MLI is hosting a webinar discussion with some of Canada’s leading voices on this controversial topic.


  • Harvey Schipper : Professor of Medicine and adjunct professor of law at the University of Toronto (moderator)
  • Leonie Herx: Chair, Division of Palliative Medicine, Queen’s University
  • Andrew Coyne: Globe and Mail national affairs columnist
  • Harry Swain: Former federal deputy minister


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