The Best Medicine: Ensuring Affordable and Accessible Drugs in Canada

The federal government is proposing dramatic changes to the pricing of new patented medicines in Canada, and it announced in its recent budget plans to work toward a national pharmacare program. Canadians should be asking: Are drug prices a serious problem? What will be the impact of these changes on industry and innovation, and access to new medicines? And what is the most affordable and effective system for drug coverage? The Macdonald-Laurier Institute is bringing together some of the top experts to help navigate the changing landscape of drug pricing and financing.

The event will feature a presentation of MLI’s recent paper “The Unkindest Cut: How a new plan for slashing drug prices could harm the health and prosperity of Canadians” and a broader panel discussion and Q and A.


  • Wayne Critchley, Global Public Affairs, Senior Associate (Health & Life Sciences), former Executive Director of the PMPRB
  • Richard Owens, Macdonald-Laurier Institute, Munk Senior Fellow
  • Judith Glennie, President of J.L. Glennie Consulting Inc, pharmaceutical policy expert and consultant
  • Bob Feeney, Ipsen, Head, North America Government Affairs and Policy
  • Harvey Schipper, University of Toronto, Professor of Medicine


  • Sean Speer, Macdonald-Laurier Institute, Munk Senior Fellow

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