Crowley appears on BNN to talk labour shortages

MLI Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley spoke with the Business News Network about his concern that Canadians remain far too complacent about a coming tidal wave of labour shortages.

Last week, Crowley chaired a discussion on the issue at an event organized by Jason Kenney, federal minister of employment and social development.

Crowley told BNN he was struck by how many of the participants, which included economists and industry group representatives, failed to flag the issues that a swath of retiring Baby Boomers will create for the economy.

“I’m trying to remind them that the issue is not today”, said Crowley. “The issue is three, four years down the road, after which it’s going to continue on for decades”.

Crowley is calling on governments, businesses and individuals to adopt measures – such as altering our post-secondary education system to properly train future workers – that will deal with the issue.

The interview echoed a recent column Crowley wrote for the Globe and Mail.