Crowley delivers talk on the future of health care in Canada

Brian Lee Crowley

Macdonald-Laurier Institute Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley delivered a talk Wednesday morning on the future of health care in Canada.

Pharmaceutical company Janssen Inc. Canada organized the conference, held at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa, to foster a discussion about innovation of health care.

MLI has extensively researched methods for reforming the Canadian health care system.

Crowley released a commentary earlier this year explaining why central planning has failed to introduce innovation in Canadian health care.

Audrey Laporte, an expert on the economics of health care at the University of Toronto, authored a paper for MLI on how market principles could help reform the Canadian system.

Later this week MLI will release a Straight Talk Q&A with Brett Belchetz, an emergency room physician in Toronto, on issues he sees from the frontlines of health care in Canada.