Crowley discusses interprovincial trade on Winnipeg’s CJOB

Appearing on the Winnipeg radio station 680 AM CJOB, MLI Managing Director called for the federal government to step in and get tough with the provinces in eliminating domestic trade barriers.

Recently the premiers have again started talking about reaching a new agreement to liberalize trade within Canada.

However Crowley said the provinces have had the chance to deal with this issue for decades and have so far been unsuccessful. The only way to loosen up interprovincial borders, he said, is for the federal government to create a “charter of economic rights” that the courts would enforce.

He believes this is the only way to provide freedom of movement to Canadians, such as those who want to sell or buy wine from areas such as the Okanagan in British Columbia or the Niagara region of Ontario.

“I don’t think provincial governments should be able to throw up barriers to stop them from doing it”, said Crowley.

To listen to the interview click here and start listening at 10:35 p.m. on July 10.