How big was the recent announcement on pipelines?: MLI video with Ken Coates

The federal government has given the go-ahead to two major pipelines projects – Trans Mountain and Line 3 – while rejecting Northern Gateway.

In a series of videos, titled “Pipelines, Politics & Indigenous Peoples: Understanding the decisions on Gateway, Line 3 and Trans Mountain“, MLI Munk Senior Fellow Ken Coates delves into the long-term implications of pipeline rulings for Canada.

How big was this recent announcement?

Watch video number two in the series to find out.

“The issue is only a little bit about pipelines”, says Coates. “The issue is overwhelmingly about coastal shipping”. He says the government has done what it had to do in approving Trans Mountain and Line 3, and that while projects can be revived, the “no for now” on Gateway is the expected end of an agonizing and expensive process for all involved.