In case you missed it…John Robson on the logic of national security

The Macdonald-Laurier Institute’s Managing Editor, John Robson, writes a weekly column for the Ottawa Citizen. Last week, he touched upon a topic that is of vital importance to Canada – national security – and which has been in the news recently. John started off by noting an absence of logic in part of the recent debate:

“The appearance of CSIS director Richard Fadden before a special sitting of the House of Commons public safety committee revealed a problem. We seem unable to think logically about national security.”

John also tipped his hat in the direction of MLI Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley’s postings on the Fadden Files (in the June archive of the MLI Blog).

But, getting back to the column…his conclusion was stated in John’s usual direct manner:

“We have a problem.”

You can find out what it is by reading the entire column…here.