Tsilhqot’in paper, medicare abuses and new Inside Policy highlighted in MLI newsletter

Catch up on the latest in great public policy research and commentary with Vol. V, No.9 of the MLI newsletter.

This edition covers our latest major paper release. “The End is Not Nigh: Reason over alarmism in analysing the Tsilhqot’in decision”, written by MLI Senior Fellow Ken Coates and author Dwight Newman, looks at a pair of recently-released court rulings on Aboriginal land rights. The authors argue that the Tsilhqot’in and Grassy Narrows decisions have changed Canada’s relationship with its Aboriginal peoples, but the consequences are by nop means as drastic as some of the overheated commentary might suggest.

The newsletter also highlights a Straight Talk Q&A featuring a practising emergency room physician in Toronto. He argues that Canadian governments are fomenting abuse of the health care system by failing to force abusers, some of whom needlessly visit emergency rooms dozens of times a year, to pay a user fee.

MLI released a new edition of its flagship magazine, Inside Policy. The cover story, by Stanley Hartt, looks at what Canada should do with the money from a surplus the federal government is expected to declare shortly.

We also have published photos and a brief recap of our most recent event, the Canadian launch of The Once and Future King by F.H. Buckley.

Other features of the newsletter include a look at why Canada needs to counter the threat from Russia in the Arctic, a commentary that pronounces Ottawa’s finances as being anything but healthy, an op-ed from MLI Senior Fellow Benjamin Perrin on why dangerous offenders need to be kept behind bars and all the latest MLI columns, news and media coverage.

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